About Barbara Dowie

  • Academic Level Certificate
  • Age 48 - 52 Years
  • Requested Salary 5000
  • Industry Ocean Freight
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About me

I am a well organized, efficient and motivated person with a passion for the Shipping Industry.

With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, I consistently strive to exceed expectations in all aspects of my work. My strong ability to prioritize and meet deadliness together with excellent communication skills, allows me to effectively collaborate with team members and stakeholders, both locally and internationally. I have a proactive approach which enables me to tackle challenges head-on and find innovative solutions to avoid unnecessary risks and costs.

I bring 31 years of varied and unique experience with the Shipping Industry, honed through diverseĀ  roles and opportunities. My adaptable nature allows me to thrive in dynamic environments, where I can leverage my skills to drive results and contribute to the success of the team.

Above all, I am committed to continuous learning and development; always seeking to expand my knowledge and stay abreast of industry trends. I am confident that my blend of skills, experience, and enthusiasm make me a valuable asset to any team.

Furthermore, I eagerly anticipate the chance to explore any new and exciting positions that arise through your network. Your commitment to finding the best-fit opportunities for candidates is commendable, and I am confident that your agency can help me discover roles that align with my career aspirations and ambitions.

Thank you for adding me as a potential addition to your portfolio. I look forward to the possibility of working together and embarking on this journey of professional growth and developmet.

Sincerely, Barbara



  • 1986 - 1990
    Carleton Jones High School



  • 2021 - 2023
    Penmarine Shipping (PTY) LTD

    Chartering Assistant and Post Fixture Shipping Operations

    As a Chartering Assistance and Post Fixture Shipping Operations person, I am experienced in demonstrating very strong Administrative skills and support to the Chartering Managers. I have a keen eye for detail and my Communication Skills both verbally and written are excellent; allowing effectively communicate with colleagues, clients, suppliers, and agents both locally and internationally. I can multitask with ease, and am proficient in handling or overseeing all the necessary documentation from a Brokering Agent perspective; within my time lines and deadlines to ensure a smooth shipping voyage; avoiding unnecessary risk and costs. I am adaptable and enjoy creating my own systems to ensure daily monitoring and record keeping for easy access to Shipping Files and future statistics. I work well on my own and collaborate easily with other team members as we work towards the same goal.

    Computer skills (Microsoft Package) : Outlook, Word and Excel


Bulk Cargo Chartering Assistant and Post Fixture Shipping Operations; Ships Agency, Shipping Line, Freight Negotiations,