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  • Age 33 - 37 Years
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  • Industry Supply Chain
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About me

I have obtained valuable experience and knowledge from every company that I have worked for. In return this allows me to not only contribute to my company’s positive reputation by being a well-rounded, sincere and friendly person, but to also have the ability to multitask, while still maintaining an emphasis on quality and attention to detail.
I am a loyal, respectful, reliable hardworking person, and I believe in being completely dedicated to producing great results in my work. I have also obtained good experience from working remotely in terms of being focused without instruction as well as having the necessary requirements to me powered during power cuts.
I was born in South Africa but I grew up in New Jersey, United States of America. I returned to South Africa approximately 15 years ago. I believe through both my work and personal life experiences; it has strengthened my character and independence and has provided me with the opportunities to continually grow throughout my career.


  • 1999 - 2003
    Delaware Valley High School, USA

    High School

    High School


  • 2022 - 2022
    Nucleus Mining Logisitics

    Key account assistant

    ▪ Providing all 3PL Company services – quotes for airfreight, sea freight and road freight for both consolidation loads and dedicated loads, load planning,
    ▪ Supervising loading of road freight consolidations,
    ▪ Handled consolidation planning, pre-alerts, manifests and invoicing
    ▪ Issued DRC documentation applications such as the FERI and Bureau Veritas inspections, manifests

  • 2022 - 2022
    International Forest Products

    Documentation administrator

    ▪ Handled all Letter of Credit document creations, submissions, discrepancies – with excellent attention to detail, in order to get documents done correctly and submitted to the bank in time, before the vessel arrives to enable the client to clear
    ▪ Dealt directly with Maersk in issuing & approving bill of ladings, dealt with booking reports, tracked vessel departures and arrivals
    ▪ Checked documents processed by two other colleagues, one who also issued letter of credit documents and another colleague that processed certificate of origin certificates and Phytosanitary certificates
    ▪ Dealt with freight agents to ensure customs documents were correct

  • 2017 - 2022
    Hensoldt GEW Technologies

    Shipping Officer

    ▪ Handling the full shipping requirements for imports & exports for countries such as China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sweden, Germany, Kuwait and USA
    ▪ Issued documents such as invoices, packing lists, DU & Permit applications to DCAC, Carnet, EUR1, DA65 for engineers flying with equipment, certificate of origin, certificate of quality and conformance. Handled the full country requirements of the legalization process from SACOB, Foreign Affairs and the relevant country’s Embassy
    ▪ Issued precise and detailed clearing instructions to the freight forwarder and checked all customs documents received
    ▪ Gave meticulous attention to detail on all documents for letter of credit submissions
    ▪ Tracked all shipments and handled any shipments issues that came up in order to meet deadlines
    ▪ Prepared financial reports and monitored all shipments until arrived at destination
    ▪ I was the appointed the company’s Health & Safety Officer for my department as well as the Workers Forum Representative

  • 2016 - 2017
    Altomundo Trade & Investments

    Commercial Export Co-ordinator

    ▪ Issued pro forma, commercial invoices and other relevant documents as specified for letter of credit submissions
    ▪ Checked all export documents (invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin, quality certificate, health & analysis certificate, phytosanitary certificate, DU, production & expiry certificate & fumigation certificate) processing CNCA applications (all documents checked against letter of credits & Angolan export requirements.
    ▪ Expediting cross trade and local exports out of South Africa
    ▪ Handling insurance claims

  • 2013 - 2016
    DP Plastic Solutions

    Sales & Export Controller

    ▪ Issued quotes, pro forma invoices, tax invoices, commercial invoices & packing lists. Quoting local transport within South Africa & export freight to countries such as Mauritius, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia.
    ▪ Checked all customs documents from freight forwarder
    ▪ Allocated payments received to the correct orders
    ▪ Stock control and dealing with stock discrepancies
    ▪ Developed and maintained social media business page on Facebook
    ▪ Processed monthly sales reports

  • 2011 - 2013
    Island Export

    Export Coordinator

    ▪ Handled all quotes to clients, processed commercial invoices, packing lists and bill of ladings
    ▪ Sourcing, procurement, buying, monitoring and checking orders from suppliers inclusive of restaurant equipment, furniture, clothing, food, building materials etc
    ▪ Monitoring payments received before processing shipment
    ▪ Checked all customs documents from freight forwarder
    ▪ Monitored sea freight shipment containers being packed, took photos for Insurance purposes and thereafter traced shipments to alert the client


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