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  • 2023 - Present

    Advanced Diploma in Business Management

    • Business Finance • Microeconomics • Understanding Marketing Approaches • Operations and Supply Chain Management • Advanced Management Principles • Ethical Business Management • Information Management • Statistical techniques in Business

  • 2008 - 2010
    Tshwane University of Technology

    National Diploma in Logistics

    • Logistics • Business Management • Purchasing & Supply Management • Practical Accounting • Commercial Law • Production Planning and Control • Cost & Financial Management • English • End-User Computing: Word, Excel, PowerPoint


  • 2021 - Present
    Trinity Telecomms

    Shipping Coordinator

    Procurement and Logistics Responsibilities:
    • Import and export operations, including extensive knowledge of Incoterms.
    • Order creation and processing using Sage.
    • Tracking and tracing all orders, managing shipping inquiries.
    • Planning and coordinating shipments via various modes of transportation (courier, road freight, sea freight, and occasional air freight).
    • Staying updated on country requirements, customs regulations, and international trade markets.
    • Managing international imports/exports, arranging pre-inspections, and maintaining shipping schedules.
    • Handling forwarder accounts, invoicing, and documentation for efficient freight management.
    • Coordinating with stakeholders, clients, and suppliers for effective communication and collaboration.
    • Assisting with RMA repairs and addressing insurance queries.
    • Handling hazardous commodity shipments while adhering to safety protocols.
    • Forecasting to prevent inventory shortages.
    • Providing solutions that exceed customer expectations.
    • Cultivating and managing supplier relationships with frequent communication.
    • Evaluating supplier service, delivery times, and quality.
    • Conducting price comparisons and proposing cost-saving initiatives.
    • Offering market insights and purchase suggestions.
    • Coordinating supplier payments with the Finance Department.
    • Managing customer order inquiries and purchasing procedures.
    • Sourcing goods, preparing comprehensive pro-forma invoices.
    • Maintaining competitive pricing aligned with customer mark-up rates.
    • Calculating duties, exchange rates, and Forex cover.
    • Organizing complete files for each order.
    • Placing orders with suppliers, negotiating prices and terms.
    • Providing competitive quotations to clients and securing orders through follow-ups.
    • Confirming orders with suppliers via authorized purchase orders.
    • Monitoring undelivered goods, arranging returns, and coordinating with the warehouse.
    • Inspecting goods upon delivery for correctness.
    • Timeous communication to Stakeholders
    • Communicating with warehouse staff regarding purchase orders, packaging, storage, and shipping.
    • Researching local and foreign suppliers
    • Completing the daily Procurement Schedule and reporting on related matters during staff meetings.
    • Sourcing/Selecting Suppliers based on their pricing and reputation
    • Overseeing the complete order cycle and managing shipment logistics.
    • Researching, selecting, and purchasing quality products and materials.

    Additional Skills and Knowledge:
    • Proven experience in procurement and cost control processes.
    • Familiarity with financial coding systems, cost elements, and budget management.
    • Excellent communication skills for effective interaction with service providers, platform owners, and vendors.
    • Strong organizational abilities, detail-oriented, and accurate in handling financial and procurement data.
    • Knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and policies governing procurement.
    • Ability to optimize cost-efficiency while maximizing operational effectiveness.
    • Collaboration and negotiation with various Freight forwarders and Couriers.
    • Flexibility to work overtime during crucial financial periods.
    • Collaborative team player with effective stakeholder liaison.
    • Adaptability to changes in procurement processes and embrace continuous improvement initiatives.
    • Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Chemical knowledge
    • Ensuring compliance with regulations.

  • 2018 - 2019

    Logistics and Sourcing Coordinator

    Customer and Supplier Interaction:
    • Liaise with import/export customers, suppliers, inspection firms, and shipping entities.
    • Build and maintain relationships with new and existing clients through constant communication.
    • Ensure timely payment collection and adherence to financial controls.
    • Initiate and manage customer accounts.
    • Process customer orders and handle inquiries efficiently.
    • Address shipment inquiries, schedule changes, and cancellations.

    Export Operations:
    • Oversee container inspections and loading procedures.
    • Ensure compliance with hazardous material restrictions and document handover to suppliers.
    • Prepare and submit quotations and export-related documentation.
    • Conduct weekly export meetings to review open export orders.
    • Maintain master data records and support the EDI process.
    • Monitor incomplete delivery status and coordinate with freight providers.
    • Supply Chain Management:
    • Analyze changing material demand patterns.
    • Interface with vendors, assess material quality, and track performance.
    • Review and communicate SAP-generated forecasts and discrepancies.
    • Monitor materials flow, identify bottlenecks, and suggest improvements.
    • Maintain optimal inventory levels without overordering.
    • Track production volumes, customer demand patterns, and purchasing trends.
    • Prepare cost estimates, performance reports, and risk assessments.
    • Negotiate with vendors for cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

    Distribution and Logistics:
    • Coordinate urgent deliveries through the distribution network.
    • Provide constant feedback to internal and external customers on progress.
    • Ensure adequate supply of materials for manufacturing.
    • Handle the receipt, processing, and invoicing of credit notes and returns.
    • Manage invoice allocations for inbound and outbound freight invoices.
    • Ensure compliance with bank and government regulations.

    Administrative Duties:
    • Perform general administrative tasks, including typing, filing, faxing, and report preparation.
    • Ensure accurate and timely submission of various reports.
    • Present necessary documents to financial institutions.
    • Support management in assessing and mitigating supply-related risks.

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