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  • Age 43 - 47 Years
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About me

A seasoned professional in Production and Operations Management, boasting over 19 years of relevant experience orchestrating seamless processes, improving productivity and exceeding operational goals.


I have proven expertise in overseeing complex operations across diverse industries, including field service, process improvement, depot and property management. Proficient in identifying operational inefficiencies, developing effective improvement strategies, and implementing solutions that drive productivity and cost-effectiveness. Experienced in leading large teams, and skilled in building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, stakeholders and vendors.



  • 2022 - 2023


    Frigoglass, Lanseria – Gauteng
    April 2022 to April 2023

    Overview: Global company that specialises in producing, distributing, and servicing commercial refrigeration equipment and glass packaging for beverages.

    Key Functions and Responsibilities:
    • Supervise and coordinate the activities of 39 field service technicians and 3 field service coordinators and provide guidance and coaching;
    • Oversee and manage the performance of the team, and manage poor performance, disciplinary matters including absenteeism and overtime;
    • Assign tasks and responsibilities to field service technicians based on their expertise and workload;
    • Oversee installation; maintenance; troubleshooting; and repair of commercial refrigeration equipment in various locations;
    • Schedule and coordinate service visits to customer sites for repairs, maintenance, and installations;
    • Liaise with customers to understand their service needs and provide solutions;
    • Provide technical support to field service technicians, assisting them in resolving complex issues and challenges;
    • Conduct training sessions and workshops to enhance the technical skills and knowledge of field service technicians;
    • Oversee inventory levels of spare parts, tools, and equipment needed for field service operations;
    • Generate and submit detailed reports on field service activities, including service outcomes, customer feedback, and equipment status;
    • Continuously review field service processes and procedures to identify areas for improvement and increased efficiency;
    • Assist in budget preparation related to field service operations and monitor and manage costs within the allocated budget, and minimising expenses; and
    • Conduct regular quality checks to ensure that services provided meet the required standards and ensure adherence to safety protocols and compliance.
    1. Promoted to Field Service Technician Supervisor within 1 year of joining Frigoglass.
    2. Developed and implemented a system to track stock. This system helped reduce stock loss by 6% percent within the business.

  • 2021 - 2022

    Process Control Supervisor

    Frigoglass, Lanseria – Gauteng
    August 2021 to April 2022

    Key Functions & Responsibilities:
    • Conduct thorough assessments and analysis of existing processes and workflows to identify areas for improvement within the organisation;
    • Develop and implement SOPs to streamline processes, and increase efficiency;
    • Establish KPIs to measure the effectiveness of processes and regularly monitor and report on these metrics;
    • Design and implement quality control measures to ensure that processes meet defined quality standards and compliance requirements;
    • Develop and deliver training programs to educate staff on improved processes and tools;
    • Provide ongoing support and guidance to staff to ensure successful adoption and implementation of process improvements;
    • Lead initiatives to facilitate smooth transitions during process improvements, addressing resistance and ensuring stakeholder engagement;
    • Work closely with various departments to understand their unique process needs and challenges, ensuring alignment with overall improvement objectives;
    • Continuously review and revise processes to adapt to changing business needs and emerging best practices;
    • Identify opportunities for cost reduction and resource optimisation while maintaining or improving the quality of outputs;
    • Maintain accurate records and documentation of process changes, improvements, and outcomes for reference and analysis;
    • Generate business process reports and presentations to update stakeholders on process improvement initiatives and progress; and
    • Conduct investigations where there are irregularities, misconducts and process failures, and initiate and participate in disciplinary hearings.

  • 2014 - 2021

    Depot Manager

    Trenstar (Ford on Site Depot), Silverton Pretoria
    November 2014 to June 2021

    Key Functions & Responsibilities:
    • Oversee day-to-day operations of the depot, ensuring smooth functioning, adherence to safety protocols, and optimal efficiency;
    • Monitor and manage rental equipment inventory levels, ensuring accurate tracking, reporting, and replenishment to meet demand;
    • Implement inventory control measures to minimise losses, damages, and discrepancies;
    • Coordinate and supervise maintenance, servicing, and repairs to ensure equipment is in good working condition;
    • Implement and maintain quality control processes to ensure that equipment meet established quality standards and safety regulations;
    • Conduct periodic quality audits to assess compliance with maintenance procedures and quality guidelines;
    • Ensure pick up instructions and orders placed in the system;
    • Manage the receipt, storage, and dispatch of equipment and assist Ford to identify, locate and mark equipment exceeding the on-site in transit rule;
    • Investigate equipment in transit longer than 2 days, report findings to Ford, and follow up with the suppliers;
    • Facilitate training programs on equipment handling, maintenance, safety protocols, and other relevant aspects for the team;
    • Develop, manage, and monitor the depot budget, ensuring financial targets are met and resources are allocated efficiently; and
    • Build and maintain positive relationships with Ford and other stakeholders, addressing concerns, providing information, and managing expectations;
    • Monitor expenses related to maintenance, repairs, inventory and operational costs;


Initiating and Chairing disciplinary Hearings
Process Control and Improvement
Personnel Development and Motivation
Incident Investigations
Standard Operations Procedures reviews and Improvements


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